Untitled #3     Untitled #2     Untitled #1     Wŏmén I     Wŏmén II     Wŏmén III     Wŏmén IV     
The Surveyor and the Surveyed     Oneness     Adrift     The Wanderer     The Worshipper II     The Seen     Women Drying Her Foot (After Degas)     Utter Chaos     
The Questionable Truth III     The Questionable Truth II     The Questionable Truth     Precariously Mundane I     Precariously Mundane II     A Precarious Moment     Run Away from Home     Self Critique     
Dreamscape Series No. I, II & III     Self Portrait Series I     Self Portrait Series II     Self Portrait Series III          A Comforting Stop     A Comforting Stop 2     A Comforting Stop 3     
An Awake Dream 2     An Awake Dream 3     Alone     Close To Myself     An Awaken Dream     In Between Myself (Left)     In Between Myself (Right)     It Is Nice To Finally Meet You     
Found     Her Hope     Reverse / Irreversible     Men's Dream     The Worshipper     Mood of Desire (Blue)     Mood of Desire (Green)     Nude In The Sky     
Weariness     Nana     Kowtow     Seeking A Way Out     Untitled (Red)     Untitled (Yellow)     Untitled (Green)