Self Portrait Series III

Print on Canvas

36 x 48 cm



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‘Self-Portraits Series’ is the starting point of my self indulgence in reference to the identity crisis and my concern of the reality and illusion in this fast changing society. By using my own body as the artworks provides me a chance to see and being seen by people and help me to overcome a certain inner barrier.

Series No.I is the juxtaposition of my childhood to recent photos, it is like seeing through the history of my life. Series No.II consists of my photos taken from 360 degree different angles within the same time and location, questioning the existence of oneself. Series No.III is the juxtaposition of my self-portrait with masters’ portraits in a wish of becoming a master and working towards ideal. The focus point here is the constant ‘gaze’ which were fix into one point symbolizing unity and the only one.

By juxtapose these images together, the feature is distorted in some way, so do all these multiple images form me? Do these images / bodies last forever? The ideal world is an illusion, nothing is permanent as well as the body which will rot, and which will be vanishing one day.

Janice Chin