Wŏmén II

Pastel on Paper

127 x 97 cm




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           ‘Wŏmén’ is a series of work in conjunction with the art exhibition of the same title ‘Wŏmén’ with artist Arron Teo. It can literally mean women, the main figures in both of the artists’ paintings, it can also be interpreted as ‘We or us’ (Arron and me) in chinese hanyu pinyin. While to this series of artwork, ‘Wŏmén’ is a continuation of my ‘Dual Series’, the discovery of the other ‘self’ in us (Me and myself).

            I enjoy creating virtual world that only belongs to my janices. They are uncanny, mysterious, illogical and untrue. Fantasy provides an escape into another world, but to fantasize is a way to realize the reality.

            What I would like to focus in this series is the importance of communication and relationship. Having meal together is one of the methods of communication. One can not live without others. One can not live fully without understanding themselves too. All of us have a hidden ‘self’, the importance of communicate with him/her is as important as the relation with others. Double happiness composed of two Chinese character ‘xi, joy’, is not only the joy between the two newlywed, but also the joy between the ‘selves’ and the relation of us with anybody else in the society.

            Any happy relationship between the two is ‘囍’.