Self Critique

Pastel and Collage on Paper

118 x 150 cm


Private Collection

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‘ Self Critique’ is a work of self realization. There are a lot of little ‘Janices’ looking at the self portrait painting of herself and criticizing about the work. It is a metaphor of our innermost thinking, both on the struggling and enlightenment side. How many of us in this fast changing society have to face judgments from people everyday? And how this ends up the critique to our own self?

The embodiment of self questions my own identity in line to the identity crisis in the current society. There is a painting of me hung on the wall, many little ‘Janices’ standing/sitting on the floor and an artwork done by me, so which are the true Janice and where is she?

Using my own images in painting serves as a chance for me to watch and being watched as well, to overcome a certain inner barrier. The work also examines the blurred boundary between pastel and collage, exploring on how collage can work with pastel to create a kind of realistic illusion.